The Global Alliance for Cryptocurrency Education by Flat18 (GACE) is a 501(c)(3) public charity dedicated to changing the lives of youth worldwide by making cryptocurrency education readily accessible and freely available. This education will prepare future generations to become self-sovereign adults who are able to safely store, transact and easily transfer their wealth across borders and without an intermediary. GACE facilitates mass adoption, which we contend will lead to a more equitable, peaceful world.

Today more than 1.6 billion students around the world are enrolled in public, private and home schools. Countless additional youth are displaced due to domestic or cross-border homelessness including the economically disadvantaged, refugees, asylum-seekers and stateless people. Regardless of circumstance, every school-age child deserves to be educated about cryptocurrency to empower them as adults.

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A world in which youth everywhere are empowered to become self-sovereign adults who enjoy a more equitable, peaceful world.



GACE believes cryptocurrency education is critical for today’s youth because: